New role: Project Manager

June 2, 2022

New role: Project Manager

Until now, only the workspace administrator could manage users in the project. This has changed with this week's release in which we added a new permission role: the Project Manager.

A person with the Project Manager role has full access to the project's source code, pipelines, and sandboxes. They are also entitled to perform the following actions:

  • add and remove groups and users from the project
  • invite new people directly to the project
  • change the roles of the users in the project
The role can also be assigned to groups, immediately updating the permission scope of multiple users at once.

Adding Project Managers to projects

To add a person with PM rights to the project, go to the Team tab and click Add people. Look up the person that you want to add, select the role in the right column, and click the button to confirm:

You can also update the role of existing users in the project.

Project Managers vs Custom roles

A Project Manager can assign any role in the project to the project member, including customized. However, only workspace admins can define custom roles.

To add a custom role, go to PeopleRoles tab from the system dashboard and click the plus button at the bottom:

Here you can set the access scope to each part (module) of the service: source, pipelines, and sandboxes. The Project Team module is by default set to view-only, which means you can only browse your team members.

Please mind that changing the scope to 'Manage' will force the scope of all remaining modules to 'Manage', essentially changing the custom role into the default PM role.

What's next

The next role that we're going to add will be the Group Manager. A person with this role will be able to add and remove users from their parent group, which also involves managing project access if the group is assigned to a project.

If you're interested in how Buddy facilitates user management, check out our articles on SSO authentication and managing groups in projects.


Alexander Kus

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