New action: Django

August 2, 2017

New action: Django

Django is a popular Python framework which "makes it easier to build better Web apps more quickly and with less code" and was created to simplify the process of delivering complex, data-driven websites.

According to its designers, Django makes meeting deadlines easier by encouraging rapid-development with clean and pragmatic design. The framework also takes special steps towards security (eg. SQL injection and cross-site scripting), and is exceedingly scalable and versatile.

Django action detailsDjango action details

Automating Django deliveries with Buddy

Django was created for rapid development. Buddy lets you automatically build and deploy your app on every push to branch. Combine these two and you get a rocket-propelled dev platform:

  1. Sign up at Buddy.Works with GitHub/Bitbucket or email
  2. Select the repository with your Django project
  3. Add and configure the Django action. You can install dependencies in the Packages tab.
  4. Add transfer action to your type of server (eg. SFTP)

Once configured, make a push to the selected branch and watch Buddy automatically build, test and deploy your Django app:

TIP: If you'd like to learn more about delivery automaton (eg. Dockerizing applications), check out our guides section.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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