New features:


  • Docker upgraded to v18.09.2 to fix privilege escalation vulnerability
  • [Free accounts] Added information about the number of executions already run in a given month to the Billing tab
  • You can now add every type of action to the pipeline using refType=NONE
  • Increased the number of characters in the branch description to 1000
  • It is now possible to clear the pipeline's cache without running it. The option is available in the right column in the pipeline's Filesystem/Settings tabs
  • The 'Copy files' action now supports environment variables in source and destination paths

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed with AWS Elastic Beanstalk & CodeDeploy failing if there was a zip/jar/war file in the nested path
  • Fixed a bug which displayed executions as failed although all actions finished successfully
  • Empty encrypted variables no longers clutter logs in the SSH & build actions
  • Fixed a bug with uploading themes to Shopify
  • Fixed issues with fullscreen display on some monitors