21 February 2019

Track release stability with Bugsnag integration

Track release stability with Bugsnag integration

Bugsnag is a lightweight monitoring platform which allows developers to track application stability. Connecting Bugsnag with Buddy will let you send release details about your deployments in order to indicate performance spikes and take action if necessary.

Pipeline example

The default information in the event includes:

  • ID of the execution
  • pipeline revision
  • invoker name
  • assigned branch


Configuration is very easy and requires obtaining an API key from your Bugsnag account:

  1. Log in to https://app.bugsnag.com
  2. Select the project that you want to monitor and go its Settings:

    Bugsnag settings

  3. Copy the Notifier API key:

    Obtaining API key

  4. Once done, go your Buddy project and open the pipeline with the deployment that you want to monitor.

  5. Click + after the deployment action and select Bugsnag from the Performance & App Monitoring section:

    Monitoring actions roster

  6. Paste the previously copied key to the API Key input. If you wish, you can modify the default variables sent with the execution (see below for full list).

    Adding the Bugsnag action

  7. Click Add this action to finish configuration.

Congratulations! From now on, Buddy will send a notification with details on the release on every execution.

The full list of environment variables that you can use in the event details is available here.

Buddy is 100% customer driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, let us know in the comments below or directly at support@buddy.works.

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