Buddy allows you to import your web sites and repositories in a couple of clicks. Whenever you create a new project with Buddy as the source provider, a list of import options will appear in the right column.

Import options for Buddy Git hostingImport options for Buddy Git hosting

Once the import has finished, the contents of your repository will become available in the Code tab.

Import options

  • GitHub
    • upon authorization, you’ll be able to import your private GitHub repositories
  • Bitbucket
    • upon authorization, you’ll be able to import your private Bitbucket repositories
  • External Git repository

    • select this option if the repo is hosted on a private server. If you have a custom private repository and would like to import it to Buddy, create a new project, select Buddy as the provider and run the following commands in the terminal:

      git clone --bare CUSTOM_REPO_URL
      cd repo.git
      git remote add buddy BUDDY_REPO_URL
      git push buddy --mirror$$$$
CUSTOM_REPO_URL stands for the URL to the repository that you want to import, and BUDDY_REPO_URL is the URL to the newly created Buddy repository.
You can also synchronize your repository by selecting Your Private Git Server when creating a new project. However, you will not be able to utilize Buddy's version control features.

Last modified on April 26, 2022


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