Slack as Deployment Bot

May 25, 2017

Slack as Deployment Bot

Slack is hot 🔥.

Everybody knows what it is, almost everybody has already used it. Slack is the most popular notification action in Buddy, with over 24% of all (!) accounts using it. At this rate, the email and mobile notification will soon be passé, with Slackers taking over the world.

Slack websiteSlack website

The claim of Slack is "Where work happens". For developers, "work" means testing and deploying applications (on top of actual coding). By integrating Slack with BuddyWorks, you can track the progress in your projects and take action when necessary, eg. when one of your builds has failed.

However, not all devs know that you can use it to run deployments or check the status of your delivery pipelines. This article will tell you how to configure your Slack application to use it as a deploy bot in your projects.

INFO: The process of integrating Slack with BuddyWorks is described here.

Running deployment

In order to deploy your application to the stage server, type

/stage run

/stage run command/stage run command

Canceling deployment

If you'd like to cancel the execution in progress, type

/stage cancel

/stage cancel command/stage cancel command

Deploy from scratch

Sometimes you may want to make a full deployment, instead of deploying the changeset only

/stage refresh

/stage refresh command/stage refresh command

Deploy specific revision

If you want to upload a specific revision to the server, just add the hash of the commit, for example

/stage run ef297205bb3bb94bfe5537d2b0994176b69b913a

/stage run revision /stage run revision

Checking pipeline status

If you'd like to check current pipeline status and which revision was deployed last, run

/stage status

/stage status command/stage status command


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