May 7, 2024


New Features


  • When selecting a Docker image version in actions, you will now see x86 only and ARM only labels, whenever the version does not match the architecture selected in the pipeline
  • Improved Merge and Merge Request pages


  • Fixed: BUDDY_BUILT_DOCKER_IMAGE value was incorrectly overwritten when actions building Docker images were running in parallel
  • Fixed: Newest MySQL versions were not working correctly in the Services of build actions
  • Fixed: Git Push now works correctly whenever the URL includes a port
  • Fixed: Improved error handling when adding integrations with tokens that did not pass the validation
  • Fixed: Improved error handling whenever comment in the Approve Run action was too long


Jarek Dylewski

Jarek Dylewski

Customer Support

A journalist and an SEO specialist trying to find himself in the unforgiving world of coders. Gamer, a non-fiction literature fan and obsessive carnivore. Jarek uses his talents to convert the programming lingo into a cohesive and approachable narration.