New action: Google Chat

May 7, 2024

New action: Google Chat

Google Chat API works only for Google Workspace members

What is Google Chat?

Google Chat is a messaging platform that supports real-time chatting, file sharing, and video meetings. It integrates well with other Google Workspace apps, making collaboration within your team effortless. Now, as a new addition to our notification actions, you can keep your space members informed about the status of your deployments.

Example pipeline with Google Chat notificationExample pipeline with Google Chat notification

Google Cloud Integration

To begin sending out notifications, you will first have to add a Google Cloud integration to Buddy. For that we recommend configuring a Google Cloud service account. You can read more on how to do this in this documentation article.

Enabling Google Chat API

With the service principal set, it's time to enable the chat's API. Go to your Google Cloud Console and select Library from the APIs & Services menu.

Google Cloud ConsoleGoogle Cloud Console

Select the Google Chat API and enable it.

Enabling the APIEnabling the API

Google Chat Configuration

With the API enabled, we now have to configure the chat. Navigate to Configuration and fill in the following:

  • Set the App Status to 'Live- available to users'
  • Set the app name
  • Upload a logo (1:1 aspect ratio, minimum size 256x256 px)
  • Add description
  • Enable 'Receive 1:1 messages' and 'Join spaces and group conversations' in Functionality
  • In the connection settings select APP URL and enter:
  • In visibility settings, you can specify users that will be able to use that API, otherwise it will be available to all members of the organization

Google Chat API configurationGoogle Chat API configuration

Adding bot to Google Space

Navigate to your Google Chat and either create a new space or open an existing one that you have permissions for. In this article, we will stick to creating a new space.

Creating a new space on Google ChatCreating a new space on Google Chat

With the space created, you can now add the app. You can do so from the dropdown menu next to the name of the space you're in.

Adding the app to your Google Chat spaceAdding the app to your Google Chat space

You will find the chat app in the Apps and integrations section under the same name you have specified when configuring the API.

Using Google Chat with Buddy

Now, the final step is to add the Google Chat action to your pipelines. You can locate it in the Monitoring section. Once you choose the integration with access to your chat space, you can select a channel and personalize the message.

Google Chat action configurationGoogle Chat action configuration

The default message should look something like this:

Default message in Google ChatDefault message in Google Chat


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