Webinar #6August 31st, 2021Length: 49 min

Creating the perfect flow for your WP apps

Learn how to create a high-performing delivery workflow for your WordPress websites with Buddy and Kinsta WP hosting. Brought to you by Osom Studio.

Who is this webinar for:

WordPress Agencies and Freelancers

Learn how to speed up and refine your deployment flow to faster release websites to your clients.

WordPress Developers

Learn how to configure a CI/CD pipeline that will build, test and deploy your WP projects – and seamlessly migrate them between environments.

Project Managers

Learn how to automate repetitive tasks to maximize the efficiency of your developers and never miss a deadline.

Product Owners

Stop losing money on inefficient tools. Get everybody involved with the latest tech that will help your team adapt DevOps up to 87% faster.

What you're going to learn:

  • Using DevKinsta as a local development environment
  • How to create WordPress related Pipelines
  • How to automate moving files and databases between environments
  • How to run basic tests after each deployment to check the website quality


00:00  Introduction

02:10  Osom Studios Tech Stack

10:43  Creating local environment with DevKinsta

19:45  Deploying files and DB to Kinsta with Buddy

34:28  Q&A