Webinar #13

March 9th, 2022

Length: 1h 1 min

How to supercharge testing with Pest PHP

Writing tests is a big hurdle for many developers, but learning to write effective tests can change your life! Come and see how to get started with Pest PHP: a gorgeous, streamlined testing framework with a focus on simplicity.

Who is this webinar for:

Anybody who wants to get started writing automated tests for applications. It’s also valuable for PHPUnit users who want to see what Pest PHP has to offer. We’ll discuss some of the elegance offered by Pest that might just make you pick it up for your next (or current) project.

What you're going to learn:

  • How testing can change your life
  • How to write a test with Pest PHP
  • How to get the most “Bang for your Buck” when you first start testing
  • The difference between unit and feature tests
  • How to supercharge tests with datasets
  • How to use the Pest Expectation API
  • How to run Pest PHP tests in Buddy


00:00  How to supercharge testing with Pest PHP | Buddy Webinar #13

01:08  Introduction

06:36  I sucked. I tested. I conquered.

12:00  Coding time

14:14  Initializing PestPHP

16:49  Writing the first test

18:24  Test structure

26:02  Using Providers and Datasets

28:15  API testing

32:40  Using Env variables

36:00  Skipping tests

37:15  Grouping tests

38:20  Testing HTTP requests

49:40  Running PestPHP tests in Buddy

52:00  Q&A

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