Webinar #12

February 23rd, 2022

Length: 1h 6 min

E-Commerce Automation for DevOps Pros

Learn how to properly deploy shops, plugins, and apps for online businesses on the example of Shopware 6 e-commerce platform.

Who is this webinar for:

E-commerce Developers and Agencies

Learn how to configure a pipeline that will deploy Shopware 6 projects, plugins and apps at a higher frequency and shorter time.

Optimization Lovers

Learn how to create various CI checks for your Shopware plugins to ensure high quality of your software and eliminate unnecessary obstacles.

DevOps Experts

Presented by a long-term Buddy user, this is the ultimate guide to getting the most from Buddy and e-commerce delivery automation.

What you're going to learn:

  • How to setup a pipeline for Shopware 6 shops
  • How to deploy Shopware 6 with plugins: credentials, install dependencies, build admin, build storefront, and more
  • How to deploy Shopware 6 App systems
  • Extending your pipeline with unit tests, static analyzers and more
  • Pruning Caches, including Shopware cache & Cloudflare
  • How to verify and monitor your shop system after a deployment


00:00  E-Commerce Automation for DevOps Pros

01:09  Introduction

05:15  What is Buddy?

05:50  Our goals

07:29  Tests & deployment: Shopware Plugin

34:25  Tests & deployment: Shopware Shop

46:33  Tests & deployment: Shopware App

50:59  Advanced automations

51:26  Backups

54:38  Tests: Cypress.io

56:23  Dockware.io

57:38  Q&A

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