Simplified delivery for Node.js

Buddy is a CI/CD tool that helps developers build, test and deploy Node applications with minimum effort.

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How Buddy works

  • Code check

    Review code with automatic linters to detect violations before the deployment.
    Keep your work classy.

  • Tests

    Run all kinds of tests in sequence or in parallel to ensure your application is ready for shipment.

  • Build

    Prepare a package for deployment with your favorite JS framework. Install & cache tools in build containers to speed things up.

  • Deployment

    Deploy your build to any type of server or cloud service. Upload only changed files – don't waste your time.

  • Monitoring

    Monitor post-deployment performance with Lighthouse. Ping end points for errors and send notifications to your messaging service.

Why Buddy

Simple configuration

Create a delivery pipeline in 15 minutes with 120+ actions. Make a push and watch Buddy build and deploy your code.


Hook up your favorite 3rd-party service and run tasks on auto-pilot. Release more software in shorter time.


Install tools in build containers and add actions on-the-fly when required. Create the working environment that you need.

All you need from Node, but simplified.

  • Screenshot of build & deploy pipeline

    Full-stack development

    • Deploy back-end and front-end in parallel with no version conflicts

    • Add and remove stacks on the fly: Next.js, Meteor.js, Nuxt & more

    • Build Docker images and use them as templaes for your builds

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  • Screenshot of the new sandbox


    • Preview websites from Git in our dynamic staging environments

    • Launch up Nginx, Node, or Apache in a couple of seconds

    • Stage pull requests and compare versions before the release

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  • Screenshot of actions in build and delivery processes in Buddy


    • Install Buddy on your own server and secure with LDAP and SSO

    • Fine-tune the level of access with custom permissions & IP restrictions

    • Integrate with 3rd party services with time-limited tokens and role assumption

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