May 28, 2024



  • When the pipeline filesystem is empty, you can now manually fetch files from any ref to this filesystem
  • Improved diff display in files
  • New Docker registry and Image location settings added to build and image (build/push/run) actions
  • Remote definition pipelines will now display a Missing label whenever listed parameter is missing a definition
  • Added separate ZIP/Postal code and State/province fields in the Company Details tab
  • Scheduled run now has its own avatar instead of the avatar of the person who added the pipeline
  • Slight design adjustments of the main dashboard


Jarek Dylewski

Jarek Dylewski

Customer Support

A journalist and an SEO specialist trying to find himself in the unforgiving world of coders. Gamer, a non-fiction literature fan and obsessive carnivore. Jarek uses his talents to convert the programming lingo into a cohesive and approachable narration.