8 October 2019

Buddy v2.2.59 Released (08-10-2019)

Buddy v2.2.59 Released (08-10-2019)

New features

  • [Action timeout] It is now possible to set a timeout for every action in the 'Action' tab. If an action fails to execute within the set time, the entire execution will be terminated
  • From now on, you can now define pipelines not only in buddy.yml, but in any number of *.yml files in the .buddy folder


  • New default variables: $BUDDY_EXECUTION_TIME and $BUDDY_REPO_SSH_URL
  • [Services] Improved logs for the beginning of the execution
  • [AWS CLI] Changed the shell from SH to BASH


  • Fixed a bug with actions moving to the end of the pipeline if they were updated via the REST API
  • Fixed a bug with checking out faulty code from the repository to the filesystem if an error occurred during submodule fetch

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