6 June 2017

Buddy v1.5.21 Released

Buddy v1.5.21 Released

New features

  • New integration: Kubernetes. You can now apply K8s deployment configs, set images in K8s deployment, and run K8s jobs.


  • A followup to using Slack as a deploy bot, it is now possible to run deployments with a short hash code
  • You can now use the list of commits and the list of added/modified files in the Buddy parameters. The full list of parameters is available here

Bug fixes

  • For some users the DigitalOcean integration was not listing droplets when adding a new deployment action. This was caused by the token not refreshing correctly. Fixed
  • Fixed bug with Google Cloud Storage deployment not working properly if the source path indicated a single file instead of a folder
  • Fixed bug with listing projects in Google Cloud Engine. Just like with DigitalOcean, this was caused by the token not refreshing correctly
  • [Buddy Enterprise] Fixed bug with wrong allocation of RAM to Docker containers, which in some cases caused the installation process to fail.

Buddy Makes Developers Happier

You use lots of tools to get web & app development done. Buddy creates more time in your day by helping you automate those tools.

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