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Gradle Alternatives

Weighing your options? Checkout these 5 alternatives that could help you accomplish your goal.

  • GCC

    GNU Compiler Collection (or GCC for short) is a compiler system that supports various programming languages and is a key element of the GNU toolchain. GCC is currently used as the standard compiler for most Unix-like operating systems, including Linux.

  • Grunt

    Grunt is a JavaScript task runner. Task runners, in general, allow you to automate some of the repetitive processes you ecnounter during development like minification, compilation, linting etc. . Thanks to constantly growing array of Grunt plugins, you can automate most of the tedious tasks of your development cycle.

  • Gulp

    Gulp.js is a cross-platform task runner for Node.js that allows streamlining and automating the most tedious tasks in your development cycle. Unlike other task runners, Gulp uses Node streams to use output from one task and use it in the next which greatly increases the speed.

  • Image Compression

    One of the most important factors influencing your SEO optimization is how fast your page loads. Thanks to this Buddy dedicated action you can easily compress your images without the need for the third party tools or additional scripts and libraries.

  • Maven

    Maven us an open-source software project management and comprehension tool, built mostly for Java projects. Maven is based off the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central piece of information.

  • Webpack

    Webpack bundles static modules for JavaScript apps. It basically converts your app code and converts it into modules usable in a web browser. Modules can bundle up various elements like node_modules, images, CSS styles. JS code etc. . Despite being developed for JavaScript it is possible to transform HTML, CSS and image files.