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Buddy CI/CD allows you to instantly implement Google Cloud App Engine with 100+ ready to use actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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What it does

The action transfers source code from the pipeline’s filesystem to Google App Engine, the fully managed serverless application platform. It supports Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, C#, .Net, Ruby and Go or it’s possible to bring any other language runtimes and frameworks.

How it works

The action uses Buddy’s OAuth integration with Google Cloud. Once it's set up, it allows for selecting an application to deploy to. This action uses the gcloud command-line tool to prepare a package and deploy it using a YAML config.

Action preview

Preview Google Cloud App Engine action

Google App Engine Action Features

  • It’s possible to change the default bucket into a different one
  • It’s possible to define version number
  • All verbosity levels are settable
  • It’s possible to stop the previously run version when deploying a new version that receives all traffic
  • It’s possible to promote the deployed version to receive all traffic
  • It’s possible to deploy with a specific Docker image. Docker url must be from one of the valid gcr hostnames.
  • It’s possible to provide App Engine app's settings in the app.yaml file. The app.yaml file also contains information about your app's code, Node.js runtime, and environment variables.
  • Input fields: Source Path, Bucket, Version, ImageURL support Environment variables
  • The action can be configured in YAML mode. See Google Cloud App Engine YAML parameters and Google Cloud App Engine YAML config example
  • Buddy's Google Cloud App Engine API is supported
  • The action supports conditional execution: it can be run on each execution, only if there are changes in the repository or specific paths since last execution or if an environment variable has a specific value

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