What is the expires_in of the Buddy token? What is the correct way to refresh Buddy OAuth2 access token after it expires?

Tokens in Buddy never expire.

I’m receiving “API is disabled in this workspace” error. What does it mean?

In every workspace you can either enable or disable data access through API. It can be changed in the workspace settings (restricted to admins only).

I’ve reached the request limit. Is possible to increase the limit?

If increasing your rate limit will help you achieve unison with the silicon universe (or steal the heart of that girl/mate you’ve got a crush on), you can reach out to us and we may temporarily bump it up. Be prepared for some technical questions about your goals and the planned usage of the API, though.

I’m getting “cannot receive data” error. What should I do?

This results from the list of scopes assigned to the token. You should change the list of scopes on retrieving the token.

Last modified on April 26, 2022


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