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What it does

This action runs PHP CodeSniffer that tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files to detect and fix violations of a defined set of coding standards.

How it works

This action launches a Docker container using the official PHP image with preinstalled PHP CodesSniffer and runs phpcbf on the source code pulled from the repository to the pipeline filesystem.

Action preview

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PHP CodeSniffer Action Features

  • Available coding standards: MySource, PEAR, PHPCS, PSR1, PSR2, Squiz and Zend
  • More options: here
  • The action can be ran in two modes: analyze code or analyze and fix issues automatically. The fixes will be applied only in the source code pulled into the pipeline filesystem - they won’t be pushed to the repository
  • The action supports conditional execution: it can be run on each execution, only if there are changes in the repository or specific paths since last execution or if an environment variable has a specific value
  • Exit code handling: you can either stop the commands if any of them throws an error or run the following commands regardless of the result ot previous command
  • Error handling: you can either stop the execution, mark action and pipeline as failed or proceed the execution, mark action as warning and jump to the next action
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