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Buddy CI/CD allows you to instantly implement HTTP Request with 100+ ready to use actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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HTTP Request - Features, integrations, alternatives & more

What it does

This action triggers an HTTP endpoint also called a webhook. It is mostly used to connect Buddy pipelines with a 3rd party services.

How it works

The action requests a URL in a way defined in the Action Settings. It waits for the sever response. In case of the response error or time-out, the whole pipeline execution will be marked as failed.

Action preview

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HTTP Request Action Features

  • Both HTTP and HTTPS are supported
  • POST, PUT, PATCH, GET, DELETE methods are supported
  • Full support for HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Any Payload can be defined and it supports Environment Variables and Buddy Params
  • It’s possible to specify request headers and their values
  • Timeout option sets maximum time for the action to wait for a response - it's 60 seconds by default
  • Input fields: EndpointURL, Login, Password, UserAgent, ContentType support Environment variables
  • The action can be configured in YAML mode. See HTTP Request YAML parameters and HTTP Request YAML config example
  • Buddy's HTTP Request API is supported
  • The action supports conditional execution: it can be run on each execution, only if there are changes in the repository or specific paths since last execution or if an environment variable has a specific value
  • Error handling: you can either stop the execution, mark action and pipeline as failed or proceed the execution, mark action as warning and jump to the next action

Do more with HTTP Request

Buddy allows you to instantly connect HTTP Request with 100+ actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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