Action update: Git Push

July 30, 2020

Action update: Git Push

In the year 2020 – not the best year in the history of mankind, I think we all agree on that – Git celebrates its 15th birthday. This technology completely changed the way how developers work. A lot of younger devs may not remember at all what a nightmare it was to cooperate on a project before the emergence of distributed version control. Yes, Subversion was first, but who would like to go back to the time of the so-called tree conflicts when merging two branches was more of a horror than actual convenience?

New Features

Two weeks ago we published a new version of our Git Push action. The action allows users to create pipelines that are based on git push releases to external repositories. With the update arrived a bunch of new useful features:

  • You can now push changes to the same repository that the project is synchronized with without the need of authorizing it in the action.
  • You can now create a tag during the execution and push it to the repository. For example, if you are using semantic versioning, your pipeline will automatically calculate the version and create the tag for the released revision in GitHub.
  • You can process the files from the repository. For example, you can automatically correct coding style with ESlint or PHP Codesniffer and then push the files back to the repository.

Use Case

Let's assume you want to tag the repository with the execution number whenever a new release to the production server is made. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Create a new pipeline with the Git Push action.
  2. Flip the Repository switch to select the same repo that the project is synchronized with.
  3. Flip Tag and push created revision.
  4. Enter the tag name (for example, $BUDDY_EXECUTION_ID) and click Add this button to finish configuration.

Git Push action configurationGit Push action configuration

You can find more information on possible use cases in our pipeline examples and automation guides.


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