Introducing: Deployment to Azure Storage

July 16, 2020

Introducing: Deployment to Azure Storage

Following the recent introduction of Azure CLI, we are happy to expand our support for Azure services with a dedicated integration with Microsoft Azure Storage. Azure Storage is a cloud hosting service that lets developers create data lakes and store and scale web, mobile and cloud native applications – a service similar to Amazon's S3 buckets and DigitalOcean's Spaces.

The action is available in the IaaS deployment section of the action roster:

Azure Storage action locationAzure Storage action location

The integration uses the same mechanism as in Azure CLI and Azure AKS cluster authentication and requires creating an Azure Service Principal in the Azure CLI and pasting the tenant ID:

Azure integration configurationAzure integration configuration

When adding integrations, Buddy offers various scopes of management access: from workspace-level (all workspace members are allowed to modify the commands and associated accounts), to admin, group, project (perfect for YAML-managed projects), to private (restricted to the integration creator only). Please mind, however, that once the action is added to a pipeline, every developer with permissions to that pipeline can run it.
If you haven't used Azure Storage before, this video will help you get started.

Once you add the integration, you can configure the deployment details. Just select the container to which you want to deploy from the dropdown list and you're ready to go:

Azure Storage action configurationAzure Storage action configuration

Flipping the Don't delete files switch at the bottom will prevent Buddy from deleting files from the container even if they were removed from the repository in the deployment changeset.
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