New action: Haskell

In response to your requests, the Haskell language is now offically supported by Buddy

Haskell is a purely functional language with no statements or instructions, widely used in academics and industry. Often used as a compiler, its implementations include anti-spam programs, cryptography algorithm verification, military AI, backend infrastructure analysis, and other fields where functional programming is recommended.

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Introducing: Status Labels

From now on commits, branches and merge requests in your Buddy workspace are labeled with statuses generated on the basis of the last execution.

For example, if you have a wildcard-based pipeline configured to run on push to any branch, you will see:

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Buddy's 2016 Recap

It's been a year since we launched Buddy and, oh boy, what a year it was! Below you will find a recap of 2016 that will show you how the service evolved month by month, feature by feature.


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New action: Gulp

We're pleased to announce that Buddy now features a dedicated Gulp action.

Gulp is a Node stream build system that lets developers automate tasks such as bundling and minifying libraries and stylesheets, or running unit tests and code analysis.

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New action: Grunt

We're pleased to announce that Grunt JS is now available from the Buddy's official action palette.

Grunt is a popular task runner that you can use to automate front-end and JS workflow tasks: compile and minify SASS code, concatenate files, reload a static page upon a change to HTML/CSS, or compress images without disturbing their quality.

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