Feature spotlight: Building Docker images

With Buddy you can build your own Docker images with source code from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab (or Buddy) repositories. In this release we've added context path support for Docker image builds—a good opportunity to present how to automate the delivery workflow for dockerized applications.

Buddy GO: the Docker-based CI server with deployment tools

Buddy GO is a Docker-based CI server with Git hosting that you can install and use behind your own firewall. It sports the same features as the cloud instance of Buddy but is hosted and managed entirely on the premises. This is important for companies whose privacy policy requires to keep the code in-house, or for developers in remote areas with lagging internet connection.

Buddy v1.4.38 Released

New features

  • New action: Build Docker image with context paths


  • Better support of errors for Rackspace deployments and Maven/Gradle builds
  • AWS Lambda now supports all AWS regions
  • Added commiter name and commiter email to Buddy parameters (useful eg. when sending notification of new version to Slack)

New action: Rackspace Cloud Files

Deploy files to Rackspace Cloud Files with the new file transfer action!

Rackspace Cloud Files is an online storage for large files and media: images, video, audio, as well as HTML, JavaScript and CSS files. The service ensures fast access to its content with a CDN utilizing over 200 servers around the world. Rackspace also provides developer tools for Java, Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, .NET and Python.

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