New actions: Download from Backblaze B2 & GCS

June 16, 2023

New actions: Download from Backblaze B2 & GCS

A couple of weeks ago we released deployment to Backblaze, a popular cloud storage solution and backup service. Today we take a step ahead with a new action that allows you to download files from Backblaze back to the pipeline's filesystem. We are also expanding the list of IaaS download actions with Google Cloud Service action. Both actions make it easier for users to access their server files and seamlessly incorporate them into the workflow.

What you need to know

You can find both actions in the Remote section of the action roster:

Backlaze in action rosterBacklaze in action roster

In the actions, you define the destination path for the downloaded files in the pipeline filesystem:

Action configuration detailsAction configuration details


The action requires an existing Backblaze integration. If you haven't defined any yet, you can add it in the Source tab of the action:

Source tab of Backblaze downloadSource tab of Backblaze download

Once you do it, you'll be able to select the region, bucket ID, and source bucket path.


The process of adding the GCS download action follows a similar pattern and requires selecting an existing integration or adding a new one. To complete configuration, you need to provide the bucket ID, bucket path and, optionally, the name of your Google Cloud project:

Source tab of GCS downloadSource tab of GCS download

Example use case for GCS download

Here we have a pipeline which consists of three actions:

  1. The first action downloads the necessary files from Google Cloud server.
  2. Next, the Node.js action prepares the build.
  3. Finally, the GCS action uploads the files to the selected bucket.

Example pipeline with GCS downloadExample pipeline with GCS download

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