New action: Apache JMeter

July 19, 2023

New action: Apache JMeter

The Apache JMeter is a Java-based software project aimed at stress load and performance testing. Now released in the form of a dedicated Buddy action, you can easily add it to your pipeline and give your websites an extra bit of exercise before the actual deployment.

What you need to know

You can find the action within the environments in the Stacks section of the action roster:

JMeter in action rosterJMeter in action roster

The action is launches a container with preinstalled JMeter CLI in which you run commands on repository files:

Action configuration detailsAction configuration details

Once the pipeline is run, the test results are produced to the action logs:

Test results in action logsTest results in action logs

Adding notifications

A good practice is to add a notification that will inform you of the test results. You can prepare two different messages depending on the outcome, and define which channel (team) receives the heads-up. This way you reduce unnecessary clutter and ensure that right people are notified in case something goes wrong.

  1. The first message is added right after the testing action in the On Run pipeline section. It will be sent only if the first action passes. ✅
  2. The second message (FAILURE) is added to the On Failure section. It will be sent only if one the primary actions fail. ❌

Notification: SUCCESS ✅Notification: SUCCESS ✅

Notification: FAILURE ❌Notification: FAILURE ❌

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