Feature spotlight: New system frame

June 29, 2023

Feature spotlight: New system frame

'Better done than perfect' is a phrase that every developer is familiar with. When it comes to designing user experience, however, the job is never done – especially in the world of CI/CD SaaS. The number of essential tools required by modern web development is so big that it requires a sturdy scaffold to hold everything together. The more happy we are to release the new frame which wraps all the latest changes to Buddy's UI into a slick and coherent whole.


By system frame we mean stacks, boxes, and pop-ups enveloping features and settings. All views have been unified to match the style of actions and slimmed down with updated system fonts and bordering. The result we aimed for is a clearer, lighter look with more breathing space for the upcoming modules.

Here is a view of a pipeline within the new frame. You can notice the updated system menu on the left, quick jump dropdowns for workspaces and projects at the top, and the new modal box with revamped tabs and navigation (and a subtle touch of gradient at the header ❣️)

Example pipeline in new frameExample pipeline in new frame

And in this example we can see the workers tab in the Buddy On-Premises admin panel, a perfect application of modularity at the service of mankind:

On-premises workers tabOn-premises workers tab

It may look finished, but we still have some work to do – look forward to more updates, including project, pipeline, and code management views, as well as brand new exciting features! 🤩

Extra: Pipeline run summary

To improve the UX, we have also designed the new Summary tab available in the pipeline run details:

Pipeline run viewPipeline run view

The tab holds a synopsis of the pipeline run with key information: date, duration, commit, invoker, cache settings, and the list of variables generated for the time of execution. A lot of them were previously available in the setup action logs, but, considering how important they are, we decided to move them to a dedicated tab.

Pipeline run summary viewPipeline run summary view

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions on what we can add and/or improve. Hope you like the new looks!

Buddy is 100% customer-driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, talk to us on the live chat or drop us a line at support@buddy.works!.


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

A story-teller and conversation-lover, Alexander decided to invest his skills to help his friends at Buddy transform the cold language of patch notes into exciting narratives. Also: an avid gamer, hip-hop DJ, Liverpool FC fan, absentminded husband, and the father of two.