New pipeline scenario: Run on Cancel

September 14, 2023

New pipeline scenario: Run on Cancel

A unique feature of Buddy is that it wraps CI/CD features into a package that can be used by developers regardless of DevOps experience. With the service transitioned to the new modular frame almost in full, we are now ready to add new functionalities with no constraints to the UI. In other words: more good stuff at a higher pace, including this week's addition to pipeline action scenarios.

What you need to know

Until now, Buddy let you run actions on 5 scenarios:

  • On Run – triggered on every pipeline run
  • On Failure – whenever an action finishes as failed
  • On Back to Green – whenever an action which failed in the previous run finishes as successful
  • On Error Suppression – whenever an action with the error suppression flag finishes as failed
  • On Wait for Human – whenever an action which requires human interaction is run (e.g. Approve Run)

The newest scenario allows you to run actions whenever the pipeline is terminated:

Pipeline scenario selectionPipeline scenario selection

Terminating pipelines

A pipeline can be terminated in two ways:

  1. Using the Cancel button:

Canceling pipeline runCanceling pipeline run

  1. Checking the option in the pipeline settings which terminates ongoing pipeline runs if another execution for the same Git reference is triggered:

Pipeline settings with runtime optionsPipeline settings with runtime options

Example use case

A possible and probably the most common use case for this scenario involves keeping the team informed in case a pipeline crucial to the delivery process is terminated. For example, if deployment to production requires a manual approval and one of senior developers terminates the run:

Example: Terminated deploymentExample: Terminated deployment

Adding a notification action to the On Cancel scenario ensures the proper team immediately gets the message:

On Cancel section with Slack actionOn Cancel section with Slack action

This feature has been developed based on the user's request. Let us know what integrations you need to take your automation game to the next level! If there’s a feature or integration you miss, talk to us on the live chat or drop us a line at


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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