New feature: Schedule run

August 2, 2023

New feature: Schedule run

Up until now, the sole method of scheduling a run was via cron expressions. This feature granted users a certain level of flexibility, yet it lacked simplicity. This new setting will allow users to schedule one-off executions for a specific time and date.

How it works

When executing a pipeline manually, a new option called "Schedule run" will be visible. By selecting this option, you will have the ability to specify the precise time and date for the execution of this particular run.

The time of the execution is using the user's local timezone.

Scheduling a runScheduling a run

Scheduled runs will be displayed in the Pipelines view with a countdown timer. Please keep in mind that scheduled pipelines will be enqueued if there are any other runs at the set time. You can change the pipeline's priority to High if you want to always push it to the front of the queue.

Scheduled pipelineScheduled pipeline

This feature has been developed based on the user's request. Let us know what integrations you need to take your automation game to the next level! If there’s a feature or integration you miss, talk to us on the live chat or drop us a line at


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