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SFTP Download - Features, integrations, alternatives & more

What it does

This actions lets you download files required in the CI/CD process that cannot or shouldn't be stored in the repository, such as config files or database dumps required to run tests.

How it works

The action downloads files from a remote SFTP server to your filesystem.

Action preview

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SFTP Download Integration Features

  • Configuration is very similar to regular deployment actions. The only difference is that this time the Source path is on the remote server, and the Destination path is in the pipeline's filesystem
  • Buddy supports passwords, SSH keys, and Buddy's SSH keys as a means of authentication. Passphrases are supported, too
  • If several actions are connecting to the same server, use environment Variables to manage user & password credentials instead of providing fixed values in the inputs
  • Once correct login details are provided, it is possible to browse the remote server and select the Source path from Buddy’s UI instead of typing it manually
  • Available options: Overwrite, Recursive
  • The action can be configured in YAML mode. See SFTP Download YAML parameters
  • Buddy's SFTP Download API is supported

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