New feature: Download files from remote server to filesystem

November 21, 2019

New feature: Download files from remote server to filesystem

Obsessed with making CI/CD as easy as possible, in the past couple of years we delivered a series of actions allowing developers to automate application delivery in a couple in minutes rather than hours. However, Continuous Delivery is not limited to uploading files to the server. The essential part of the process is testing every commit and building the application before the deployment. Sometimes these steps require files which shouldn't or cannot be stored in version control, such as configuration files or database dumps required to run tests.

Until now, the most convenient solution was to upload those files manually to the pipeline's filesystem. With today's release, we have added 3 dedicated actions that you can use to download files to the filesystem from the following type of servers:

Download actionsDownload actions

Configuration is very similar to regular deployment actions. The only difference is that this time the Source path is on the remote server, and the Destination path is in the pipeline's filesystem:

SFTP download configurationSFTP download configuration

You can use environment variables to store authentication data and update multiple remotes at once.

Use case

Let's assume your build requires a configuration file to run. All you need to do is add the download action before the build commences. We have also added a conditional notification to the pipeline that will inform the team in case one of the steps above have failed:

Example pipelineExample pipeline

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Alexander Kus

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