What it does

This action checks AWS Elastic Beanstalk environment health by color. Elastic Beanstalk displays the health information for the overall environment (color, status and cause) in the environment management console. This information is also available in the EB CLI. Health status and cause messages for individual instances are updated every 10 seconds and are available from the EB CLI when you view health status with EB health. This action checks the color only.

How it works

The action checks the environment health via AWS API. AWS Elastic Beanstalk uses several colors to represent environment health. It’s green, yellow, red and grey. If it returns with green, the action completes as successful, by default the action fails on red and yellow. It’s possible to set the action to treat yellow as green so it won’t fail on the yellow color. For grey, the action can wait in a loop for a specified period of time. Once the time passes and it still returns with grey, the action fails.

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