Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework In 2021?

Why Laravel is the Best PHP Framework In 2021?

Laravel - Best PHP Framework in 2021

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is meant for developing stellar web applications. It has earned a title of honor compared to other frameworks because of its features and tools that provide quick web application development.

Laravel is known as one of the few frameworks that offer flexibility, code reusability, and a rich feature set to create amazing websites and online web applications. There are so many technical advantages that Laravel offers which makes it the best PHP framework for 2021. Let's explore them!

MVC architecture to enhance the performance

Laravel is known to work on the MVC architecture, which stands for Model View Controller. It is very effortless when the developers use it and offers a base to develop efficiently functioning small to large business applications.

When there are big projects with five or more than five files, web artisans can organize them efficiently which provides a lot of maintainability for the project. As the developers work on a large project, the code can otherwise go haywire and lose its structure.

When the developers start using MVC architecture, the coding structure is simplified and makes it easy to work with it. In addition to this, when the project is large, the number of files may increase. With MVC, the files can be found in their logical directories. This keeps the files organized.

With such an approach, it becomes easier to handle the process of how the world perceives the application. This forms a foundation to improve the application so that it can be used for branding purposes.

Template Engine for stunning layouts

Whenever the developers work with a web application, the coding involves handling a lot of data in text form. This is where the template engine steps in. The template engine handles this textual data throughout the process of application development.

The template forms a bridge with the data model, processes the code in the source templates, and offers output to a text file. Laravel provides Blade Template Engine.

The Blade Template Engine is a powerful, lightweight, and preset template engine that makes the web application development process fast and easy. Along with the above features, it also offers outstanding layouts.

The Blade Template Engine offers the data display and extension of the layouts without disturbing the application’s speed and performance. In addition to this, Laravel developers can develop fantastic layouts using a feature called Content Seeding.

Moreover, the Blade Template Engine is known to come with its own structure and formation to create and view a file. This file includes conditional loops and statements. The developers can also access the master template to develop a simple layout that can be used by other files.

Artisan CLI for simple and fast commands

Laravel comes with its own Command Line Interface (CLI). This makes the development of web applications quick, easy, and simple. It is also known to use Symfony Console components to build and develop applications.

Symfony Console is very helpful as far as data migrations and database management is concerned. In addition to this, you can build skeleton codes, models, controllers, and more using Symfony Console.

The worst part of any application development process is to write the repetitive code snippets manually. Laravel’s Artisan Tool eliminates this requirement thereby speeding up the process of the development.

Moreover, the Artisan tool can generate the MVC files and can handle the data configuration management by developing its own commands. It is one of the few Artisan categories that has been made up of documented items. These are necessary elements required for app authentication services.

Eloquent ORM enables interaction with App Database

Laravel comes with Models that enable the developer to enhance the performance of the application being developed. These models can be customized using Eloquent ORM. Laravel is the only PHP framework that offers customization with Eloquent ORM.

ORM stands for Object Relational Mapper. It is self-explanatory that it offers to maintain effortless interaction with the app database objects through eloquent syntax. It is one of the best ORM tools for web developers. The reason behind this is that developers can use easy PHP syntax to conduct database queries.

This framework lets you write simple code instead of lengthy and complex codes in SQL to conduct the queries. Because of this, the development time is reduced significantly.

Sufficient App Testing Features

As far as the conduction of unit testing of web and mobile applications is concerned, Laravel offers a specific set of features to handle the process. It is known to automatically set up the file phpunit.xml that handles the unit testing process in web development.

Laravel conducts testing on two directories that include Feature and Unit. The Unit testing is performed on small snippets of codes, whereas the Feature testing process takes care of large sections of the codebases with numerous objects.

Using Laravel, a developer can conduct multiple unit tests simultaneously. This way you can make sure that all the new changes have been incorporated and tested thoroughly. As far as the application is concerned, unit testing is always a better option because it makes the entire process easy for the developers.

If the developer knows how to use Laravel’s testing features efficiently, he can pave the way to application development. With this, the app comes out to be efficient and highly performant.

Because of Laravel’s unit testing features and MVC architecture, Laravel development costs less than its other PHP counterparts. Using these features, the applications made with Laravel are scalable within a specific budget.

Wrapping it up

Laravel is an extremely flexible platform for building customized applications, be it an online web application or a mobile app. It allows developers and Laravel application development companies to adopt a simplified development process that offers clean and reusable code.

All the features given above make Laravel one of the best PHP frameworks because it manages to meet every requirement. Laravel 7.12 comes with new features like TrueHosts Middleware, foundation function, rebinding methods, and usage of default URL in Routing, which can help fix errors during and after the application development process.

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