When Buddy launched in November one of our priorities was to work out a model that will allow us to improve and develop the software while keeping it affordable to all kinds of developers - including freelancers and startups.

It soon occurred that for many of you a trial with 50 actions is not enough to learn how cool working with Buddy is. At the same time we’ve received numerous requests about introducing a free project with some basic functionalities from people who liked Buddy but for whatever reason couldn’t upgrade after the trial.

We are happy to announce that we’ve decided to replace the trial with one project for free with no limit on resources.

The project is fully featured and comes with:

  • Unlimited space - so you don’t run out of space in the middle of the project
  • Unlimited users - so your whole team can see how cool Buddy is
  • Unlimited pipelines and actions - so you can recreate your perfect workflow
  • Unlimited pipeline executions - so you can release code at any time, whenever you want

To activate the free project, just log in to your workspace or create a new account.