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Push Docker Image - Features, integrations, alternatives & more

What it does

This action pushes a built Docker image to a Docker registry.

How it works

The action connects to a provided Docker registry and executes Docker push using an image built by an action in a previous pipeline step. If pushing to multiple different Docker registries is needed, add several instances of this action to a pipeline.

Action preview

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Docker Build Image Action Features

  • Support for pushing to Docker Hub Private, Amazon ECR, Google GCR and private registry
  • Support for pushing an image with multiple tags (if delivery to a Docker registry is enabled).
  • Input fields: Login, Password, Image, Version support Environment variables
  • The action can be configured in YAML mode. See Push Docker Image YAML parameters and Push Docker Image YAML config example
  • Buddy's Push Docker Image API is supported
  • The action supports conditional execution: it can be run on each execution, only if there are changes in the repository or specific paths since last execution or if an environment variable has a specific value
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