New Features


  • Invitation to workspace now contains the name of the inviting person
  • [Visual tests] Added support for sending headers to the tested website and variables in the URL input
  • [Buddy On-premises] From now on, you can allocate RAM via the GUI in the standalone's Settings tab
  • The Target website URL field in the pipeline now supports ENV VARs
  • You can now add the Cloudflare integration using a token, not a global API key
  • Optimized tags/refs listing on the Run execution view
  • Added validation to SSH keys


  • [SSH action] Variables with the same name defined both on pipeline and on project level sometimes took the value of the project instead of the pipeline. Fixed
  • Fixed a bug with terminating an execution of a pipeline with the Run next pipeline action not producing logs for this action
  • Fixed a bug with the timeout error resulting in the 'terminated' status instead of 'failed'