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Buddy CI/CD allows you to instantly implement Visual tests with 100+ ready to use actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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What it does

The action scans the selected website for changes after the deployment and produces the results in the form of a visual comparison of the previous and current version of the page.

How it works

The action compares the currently deployed version of your site with the previous one. If the tests detect changes, it stops the pipeline and waits for them to be manually approved – a useful feat to avoid messing up the production server.

Action preview

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Visual Tests Action Features

  • The action allows you to select the Browser and define: the Resolution in which the tests will be performed, the acceptable Pixel tolerance level and Images history limit
  • You can define who is allowed to accept visual changes and limit the scope to individual developers, administrators, or a specific group of users
  • You can exclude parts of the website (such as advertising banners) that will not be tested by entering their coordinates
  • The action can be configured in YAML mode. See Visual tests YAML parameters and Visual tests YAML config example
  • Buddy's Visual tests API is supported
  • The action supports conditional execution: it can be run on each execution, only if there are changes in the repository or specific paths since last execution or if an environment variable has a specific value
  • Error handling: you can either stop the execution, mark action and pipeline as failed or proceed the execution, mark action as warning and jump to the next action

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Do more with Visual tests

Buddy allows you to instantly connect Visual tests with 100+ actions to automate your development and build better apps faster.

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