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Hugo Alternatives

Weighing your options? Checkout these 5 alternatives that could help you accomplish your goal.

  • Hexo

    Hexo (also called Hexojs) is a fairly simple, yet powerful blog framework for Node.js and Git, that utilizes Markdown (or any other markup language and most Octopress plugins). Hexo offers a wide variety of themes and plugins as well as a powerful API.

  • Jekyll

    Jekyll is a simple, Ruby-based static site generator written by GitHub co-founder Tom Preston-Werner. It focuses mainly on personal projects and blogs. Jekyll websites can be easily assembled from a wide range of templates, partials, liquid code and markdown.

  • Middleman

    Middleman is an open-source, Ruby-based static site generator that was built as a powerful framework for building state-of-the-art e-commerce website. Created by Thomas Reynolds, Middleman development is mostly community-driven with a massive range of extensions, templates and deoplyment solutions.