Private Git Server

Private Git Server - Features, integrations, alternatives & more

What it does

Private git server integration allows for connecting a custom Git repository to the Buddy’s project. Setting it up and creating a Bitbucket connected project takes seconds.

How it works

Upon creating a new project, Buddy asks for a private repository URL and authorization method (SSH Key or Login and Password). Once the project is created, it’s required to create a webhook on the server side that will push commits to Buddy.

This integration method can be used as an alternative to Buddy’s GitHub integration using OAuth to connect a single project with Buddy. Here is a guide how to do it: Connect a GitHub repository with Buddy using GitHub’s webhooks

You may want to explore Buddy’s fully featured built-in Git hosting, which includes:

  • Branches with permission manager & merge requests
  • Real-time commits history with blame support
  • Conflicts resolution UI
  • Notifications
  • Advanced and easy to use code import manager
  • Notifications & more

Git Integration Features

  • Automatic creation of build environments and delivery pipelines with state of the art easy to use Buddy’s UX for flexible customization
  • Run pipelines on every Git push, manually or recurrently
  • Support for SSH and HTTP authorization and access
  • Advanced triggers on push: tag, pull request and push to a branch (wildcards supported)
  • Cashing of repository content for blazing fast pipeline executions
  • Git pushes are reflected on Buddy’s activity stream in real-time
  • Status Badge and Notifications
  • Easy forcing manual synchronization in case a your Git server fails to notify Buddy about new Git commits

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