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Buddy redefines the idea of DevOps with visual pipelines and no learning curve.

  • Lightning-fast

  • 10-minute setup

  • No maintenance

  • No learning curve

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Buddy vs Travis vs GitLab CI

FTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

SFTP deployment

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

Manual deployment approval

Paid extra

Sandboxes (dynamic test environments)


Database testing and services


Artifacts support

Multi-repo pipeline support


Dependency caching

Limited / Plugin

Limited / Plugin

Docker layer caching


Dedicated support for Android builds and deploy


Dedicated support for iOS builds and deploy


Docker environment

Linux VM environment

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Switching to Buddy is easy

Simple migration

  • One-click installation

  • Integrates with your stack

  • Visual UI facilitates team onboarding

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Integrates with tools you love

  • Git

  • Cloud

  • IaaS & PaaS

  • Build Tools & Task Runners

  • Tests

  • Databases

  • Colaboration

  • Monitoring & Performance

Work smarter, not harder

  • Screenshot of Test & Deploy to Stage pipeline in Buddy

    No more wasted time

    • 10-minute configuration

      Build, test, and deploy code from GitHub and GitLab in a couple of minutes with fully visualized pipeline configuration.

    • Dynamic staging environments

      Collect user feedback faster by staging websites directly from Git branches with no dedicated infrastructure.

    • GitHub friendly

      Fine-tune permissions to your repos, manage organizations, trigger pipelines on PRs, and send status checks to secure code before merging – Buddy is the perfect match for GitHub.

  • Screenshot of switching pipeline configuration to YAML

    A tool for years

    • Embrace newest tech

      Build frontend and backend with your favorite framework, attach databases for tests, orchestrate containers on Kubernetes, develop Android and iOS apps – whatever you do, Buddy got you covered.

    • Control your budget

      With Buddy you don't have to hire a full-time DevOps engineer to keep an eye on your CI/CD process. It's so easy even the office cat can do that.

    • Configuration-as-Code

      If you prefer traditional scripting, you can define pipelines top-to-bottom in the terminal – or build a pipeline via the UI and export the configuration to YAML.

  • Screenshot of creating new role

    Your work is safe

    • Full control

      Define the scope of access to your source code and pipelines. Create developer groups and assign team managers to track progress.

    • SSO and 2FA

      Secure your workspace by enforcing Single Sign-On and Two-Factor authentication.

    • SOC 2 Certified

      Buddy is officially SOC 2 Type 2 certified and runs on PCI-compliant AWS architecture, with regular audits by SecurityMetrics.

"You won't find a DevOps cloud service that offers as many supported operations, actions and events as Buddy. I use their systems daily and have been thrilled with how well it works."

Joe P.

Senior Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the direct benefit of switching to Buddy?

    In short, you get a service that:
    1. Is fast as hell. No, seriously. Sign up and check.
    2. Can be used by anybody on the team regardless of experience.
    3. Helps you ship more software in shorter time.
    4. Requires no dedicated DevOps engineer.
    5. Supports all the newest tech, including serverless deployments, NoOps, ChatOps and Kubernetes.
    6. Has a support team that cares for you. ❤️
    7. Will serve you for years.
  • Does Buddy work with GitLab repositories?

    Yes, you can hook up your existing GitLab repos and use Buddy as a build server and deployment tool without moving your code. The tool also works with GitHub, Bitbucket, and custom Git repositories.
  • Does Buddy support open-source repositories?

    Yes, Buddy supports both open-source and private projects. You can also enable read-only access to pipelines and executions and share it in your repository on GitHub.
  • Does Buddy support microservices?

    Buddy lets you attach all types of popular services and databases, such as MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, and Selenium. All services are available from the start in every build action. You can also orchestrate containers with docker-compose in the dedicated Docker CLI action.
  • Is Buddy free to use?

    Buddy offers a free tier with 1 seat, unlimited projects, and 300 pipeline GB-minutes. You can upgrade to a higher plan to increase the number of GB-minutes and unlock additional features, such as trigger conditions or settable variables. All new accounts start with 14 days of trial with 1000 GB-minutes and all extra features, allowing you for intense and unrestricted testing.

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