New feature: Public projects

March 5, 2020

New feature: Public projects

From actions based on open-source solutions, to free plans for educational and OS projects, Buddy has always been a keen supporter of public domain and open-source development. This week's feature allows developers to share the Buddy's test results with the public with a special badge added to the repository.

Configuring a public project

By default, every project in Buddy is private. To make a project public, go to Project options and switch to the Settings tab:

Project visibility settingsProject visibility settings

Now we need to embed the badge to our repository. Go to the pipeline where you test your application and click Badges in the right column. Copy the link and paste it in the README file in your repository. If you host your repo on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, a link to the latest execution (test results) will appear.

Badges viewBadges view

Use case: Dockerfile-linter project

If a project is publicly visible, the URL will require no authorization. Users who are not members of the project and don't have proper permissions will be restricted to logs, statistics, and execution history only. In order to manage pipelines, you have to be logged in.

For example, here is our open-source project used to validate Dockerfile syntax: You can find the badge to the testing pipeline at the top of README:

Buddy badge in README fileBuddy badge in README file

Clicking the badge will land you on the last execution's view:

Public execution viewPublic execution view

The publicly shared items also include the list of all executions, and statistics covering times and stability of the tests: Scope of public accessScope of public access

In the months to come we're planning to introduce more new features facilitating open-source developers. Cheers to all contributors & stay tuned for more!


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

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