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New feature: IP access restrictions

May 27, 2021

New feature: IP access restrictions

Ever since the 2016 launch, we have always made security our top priority. Although getting the SOC 2 certification in November 2020 was a huge milestone in the security department, here at Buddy we think of safety as a continuous process rather than a box to tick. Now we arm you with yet another feature to secure your workspaces.

The restrictions let you control access to the Workspace that hosts the pipelines crucial for the success of your endeavors. The feature allows you to define specific IP addresses or subnet masks from which users can access the Workspace, ensuring that people from the outside of your organization won't be able to do any harm even in the (highly unlikely!) case of taking over one of the project members' accounts. Enable it alongside 2FA, and you get a solid fortification for your pipelines.


To whitelist an IP address, go to the Workspace Settings from the left navigation menu and scroll down to the Security section. Click the toggle switch to enable the restrictions and add the IPs or subnet masks in the text box:

Remember to add one address per line.
Buddy is 100% customer-driven. If there’s a feature or integration you miss, let us know at support@buddy.works.


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