13 June 2018

Introducing: Discord chat notifications

Introducing: Discord chat notifications

Integrating Buddy with Discord will keep your team updated with automatic notifications on finished builds and deployments to a Discord channel. From now on you can send messages with a predefined action! 😊

Notification actions


Configuration is easy and requires adding a webhook to the Discord action

Create a webhook in Discord

  1. Open the Discord application or website.
  2. Enter the server details and head to the Webhooks section:

    Discord webhooks

  3. Create a new webhook for the chosen channel and copy the Webhook URL: Editing a discord webhook

Configure Discord action

  1. Create or update a pipeline and add Discord notification
  2. Paste the copied webhook and enter the message to send:

    Editing notification in Buddy

  3. When done, click Add this action

The default message uses environment variables with the most important details about the deployment: [#$BUDDY_EXECUTION_ID] $BUDDY_PIPELINE_NAME by $BUDDY_INVOKER_NAME

From now on, Buddy will send a message after every pipeline execution. You can learn more about automating delivery for your type of application in our documentation.

Need help setting up your workflow?

Reach out on the Intercom or drop a word to support@buddy.works with a short description of your workflow and we’ll show you how to configure a pipeline for your process.

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