12 June 2018

Introducing: Google Cloud CLI

Introducing: Google Cloud CLI

Buddy tightly integrates with the Google ecosystem with regular updates to Big G's action roster, allowing you to upload, run and manage code and applications in your Google cloud.

Google Cloud actions

With Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine and container services already covered, the most popular request that remained was running custom requests with gcloud CLI. Today, we deliver it in form of a dedicated action.

Command box

Please mind you need to generate a service account key to grant Buddy access to your cloud. You can do that directly in the action.

Use Case

Let's say you're a Google developer and your workflow looks like this:

  1. Build application
  2. Backup database with gcloud
  3. Deploy application to Google Compute Engine
  4. Upload assets to Google Cloud Storage
  5. Invalidate Google CDN cache

With Buddy you can automate all these tasks by creating a pipeline with corresponding actions:

Pipeline example

Such pipeline can be run automatically on every push to the selected branch, manually on click or recurrently on a time interval – whatever suits you best.

Need help automating your Google workflow?

Reach out on the Intercom or drop a word to support@buddy.works with a short description of your workflow and we'll show you how to optimize the process with Buddy.

Buddy Makes Developers Happier

You use lots of tools to get web & app development done. Buddy creates more time in your day by helping you automate those tools.

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