New integration: Vultr

December 7, 2017

New integration: Vultr

Following your request, yet another IaaS joins the already extensive stack of Buddy: Vultr.

Since 2014 the Australian service has been steadily gaining recognition as a reliable, high performance cloud. Spanning 15 datacentres across the globe, Vultr provides developers with one-click apps allowing you to launch WordPress blogs, development environments and game servers with a single click – just like running deployments from Buddy.

IAAS actionsIAAS actions

Adding the integration is simple: just click the Vultr icon in the IaaS section, enter the name of the integration (eg. Vultr) and paste the secret. Once added, select your Vultr account and server, and set up authentication details:

Vultr configurationVultr configuration

TIP: Click here for best practices on building and deploying front-end applications.

Here is an example use case of a pipeline that compiles and deploys a WP theme to Vultr. Everything on a single click or a push to Git:

Pipeline examplePipeline example


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Alexander Kus

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