New integration: DigitalOcean Spaces

December 6, 2017

New integration: DigitalOcean Spaces

In response to the recent launch of DigitalOcean Spaces, we have added a dedicated deployment action to the service.

Spaces are DO's response to the Amazon S3 buckets, a convenient and budget-wise means to store and serve large amounts of data—such as videos, media and static HTML sites with CSS and JS files that can be linked to your side, etc.

IAAS actions rosterIAAS actions roster

Automating assets delivery with Buddy

Buddy lets you update the assets in your DO Space without leaving the terminal: all you need to do is make a push to branch. The configuration takes literally a couple of minutes:

  1. Sign up with your GitHub/Bitbucket profile or email
  2. Select the repository with your project
  3. Add and configure a new pipeline:

    • enter the pipeline name
    • set the trigger mode to 'On every push'
    • select the branch that will trigger the execution
  4. Go to the IaaS section and click DigitalOcean Spaces. Enter your key and secret to activate the integration. Select your region, account and bucket:

    DigitalOcean Spaces configurationDigitalOcean Spaces configuration

  5. All done. Make a push to the assigned branch to deploy your files!

Expanding the workflow

TIP: You can add more actions to the pipeline that will, for example, compile SASS and deploy it to the server.

Pipeline examplePipeline example

TIP: If you'd like to learn more about delivery automaton (eg. Dockerizing applications), check out our guides section.


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Alexander Kus

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