Buddy uses environment variables to populate values in pipelines. Prior to the variables, the tool employed parameters based on the Velocity template engine. The parameters have been deprecated and completely removed from all accounts set up after September 21, 2018. Although we strongly advise to switch to ENV VARs, we do realize a number of accounts are still using the parameters in some of their projects.

Unfortunately, the Velocity engine is affecting new functionalities. That's why we decided to make a step forward and disable it for every project created after July 14, 2020.

At the same time, however, we are delivering an option to turn Velocity off manually to make sure all new features are fully compatible with your workflow. The option is available in the project's Settings tab in all workspaces in which at least one project is using the Velocity mechanism:

Velocity template activation switchVelocity template activation switch

Before disabling Velocity, make 100% sure that you are not using it anywhere in the project.

We strongly advise to replace parameters with environment variables as soon as it's possible to avoid future problems.