July 28, 2020

v2.3.43 (28-07-2020)


  • [FTP/SFTP] When using the Upload using temporary files option, the files will be uploaded with a tmp suffix and changed back to the original filename once the upload finishes. This setting is useful, for example, to improve the uptime of the website when uploading large files
  • We have improved how changesets are calculated: if the deployment was successful, but the pipeline has failed, the next execution will now be properly counted from the deployed revision
  • From now on, whenever you remove an action from the pipeline, its logs will not be removed from the executions tab
  • Azure actions have been grouped into one section for easier navigation
  • [Azure Storage] introduced settable content types for the uploaded files
  • [YAML] It is now possible to use environment variables in source_project_name and source_pipeline_name fields of the Copy Files action


  • If actions were skipped in the On fail and Back to success sections, the remaining actions did not execute - fixed
  • [Shopify Themekit CLI] Fixed a bug with commands provided in the Environment tab not working
  • [YAML] Changing the action type caused parsing problems - fixed
  • [Buddy On-Premises] Fixed a bug with download actions returning errors if the filesystem exceeded 10 GB


Alexander Kus

Alexander Kus

Customer Success Manager

A story-teller and conversation-lover, Alexander decided to invest his skills to help his friends at Buddy transform the cold language of patch notes into exciting narratives. Also: an avid gamer, hip-hop DJ, Liverpool FC fan, absentminded husband, and the father of two.