• [WebDAV] If no protocol is specified in the action URL, Buddy will attempt connection via HTTP and HTTPS by default
  • Variables will not be exported if they did not change their value during the execution
  • If a settable variable exist in multiple scopes under the same name, then, during the execution, only the variable with the lowest scope will be set
  • [Standalone] It is now possible to appoint a standalone administrator. The standalone administrator will be able to manage the instance settings (see the screenshot below)


  • Fixed a bug with failed on failure and back to normal actions not interrupting the execution
  • [YAML] Fixed a bug with the Web action failing during the response validation if text and text_existence were not sent
  • [SSH] Fixed a bug with commented commands not being skipped in the line by line mode
  • Improved error handling during repo synchronization

Setting standalone administratorSetting standalone administrator