New feature: Build and run Docker containers on AWS ECS

August 30, 2018 | Last updated: September 21, 2020

New feature: Build and run Docker containers on AWS ECS

We're happy to announce that Buddy now supports deployments to the AWS ECS! Amazon Elastic Container Service is a scalable container orchestration service that lets you run Docker containers on the Amazon infrastructure.

With Buddy, you can easily create a delivery pipeline that will Dockerize your application, push it to the ECR registry, and launch it on the ECS:

Pipeline examplePipeline example

The action registers a new revision of the task definition from a JSON file and updates the ECS service using this revision. It waits until the deployment has finished and fails in case there is an error during the deployment:

AWS ECS configurationAWS ECS configuration

If you're new to Docker and would to use it in your workflow, this guide will get you started.

Other AWS integrations

If you are an AWS developer, you can use Buddy to automate your tasks across a series of services: from updating assets on S3, to EB & CodeDeploy uploads, running Lambda scripts and CLI commands, to purging CloudFront cache. Integration is very simple and requires authenticating in your AWS account with proper policies.

AWS actions rosterAWS actions roster

If you didn't find your integration on the list or have questions about reproducing your workflow in Buddy, drop a line in the comments or directly at


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