New feature: selecting kubectl version

August 23, 2018 | Last updated: September 21, 2020

New feature: selecting kubectl version

Buddy turns delivery to Kubernetes into a breeze. In a couple of minutes you can configure advanced pipelines that will test and build your application into a Docker image, push it to the registry, apply deployment, and run job in your K8s clusters.

Kubernetes actionsKubernetes actions

Communication with K8s clusters is performed with the Kubernetes command-line tool, kubectl. The version used should always be compatible with the version installed on the server.

You can check if the kubectl is compatible with your cluster here.

Previously, Buddy's actions always used the newest kubectl. However, some of our clients with older cluster versions were having issues because of that. From now on, you can choose the version of kubectl for every K8s action.

In the kubectl action, the option is available under the commands field:

Selecting Kubernetes versionSelecting Kubernetes version

In all remaining K8s actions (apply deployment, etc.) it is hidden in the additional options menu:

Additional action settingsAdditional action settings

What's next

In the upcoming months we want to add more Kubernetes functionalities that will help you handle more complicated workflows with Buddy. The first to come are integrations with Amazon EKS and Azure AKS. We are also working on a dedicated integration with DigitalOcean Kubernetes (which is still in beta).

Stay tuned!


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Alexander Kus

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